Blue is the new name of Al Vicolo Restaurant, which was our very first Sardinian restaurant opened in Guildford's town centre in August 2005. Blue comes from our inspiration of Sardinia being one of the 5 original Blue Zones, where   people are more likely to be centenarians. Sardinia to date counts 6 certified Blue zone towns:                                                Arzana, Talana, Baunei, Urzulei, Villagrande and Seulo.

Seulo is our Birthplace, where we were brought up.  We offer our traditional cuisine, served with a modern concept. Culinary traditions that help people to live longer, like fava beans, goat's cheese and our flavonoids rich Cannonau wines are proudly on our menus. We are looking forward to seeing you here............."A chentu annusu"


su componidori-sartiglia-oristano

Bianca Hendicott

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